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Paia Consulting is a specialist Sustainability Consultancy providing expert advice to companies that wish to efficiently manage sustainability risks and opportunities, including economic, environmental and social risks. At Paia, we strongly believe that good sustainability management positively impacts wider business performance.

Upcoming Events

Critical Skills for Implementing Sustainability in the Asia/Pacific Region

5 June 2015

The June 5th Ricoh, IBM and World Environment Center (WEC) Roundtable brings together thought leaders from Singapore, the Asia-Pacific region and the globe on World Environment Day. This 50th year anniversary of Singapore’s independence provides a timely opportunity to examine new strategies and new skills needed to develop solutions to several Grand Challenges in the Asia-Pacific region. Approximately 70 thought leaders representing business, government, non-governmental organizations and universities will meet to review and discuss grand challenges and the skills needed for their solution. Register here.

Embedding Sustainability

18 June 2015

Associate Director Alex Nichols will be giving a talk on embedding sustainability as part of a three-part mini-series of talks hosted by Singapore Compact during their AGM. In this session, PAIA Consulting will share experiences of how companies can shift away from focusing just on the report and instead embed sustainability to drive performance improvements and demonstrate clear commitment to minimising environmental/social risks and maximizing opportunities. Click here for more event details and registration.

Singapore Compact CSR Summit

25 – 26 August 2015

Singapore Compact will be hosting their annual CSR Summit in August.  This year’s Summit focuses on “Evaluating and Evolving CSR: Creating Value for a Sustainable Future”.

Sustainability Reporting Training

1-2 October 2015

We will be running our 2 day Sustainability Reporting Training, organised by Singapore Compact and Singapore Business Federation on 1-2 October 2015.  Spaces are limited, please contact for details.

We Have A New Logo

For the last 13 years, Paia Consulting has worked with companies throughout Southeast Asia to implement sustainable business strategies. We felt it was time to update our logo.

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