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Paia Consulting is a specialist Sustainability Consultancy providing expert advice to companies that wish to efficiently manage sustainability risks and opportunities, including economic, environmental and social risks. At Paia, we strongly believe that good sustainability management positively impacts wider business performance.

Upcoming Events

Sustainability Reporting Training

5-6 May 2015

We will be running our 2 day Sustainability Reporting Training, organised by Singapore Compact and Singapore Business Federation on 5-6 May 2015.  Spaces are limited, please contact for details.

Responsible Business Summit Asia

6-7 May 2015

Ethical Corporation are hosting their Responsible Business Summit Asia in Singapore 6-7 May 2015. This event is focused around collaboration and innovation to support sustainable business growth. Paia will be in attendance & will be writing a short note on our News blog following the event.

Singapore Sustainability Label Briefing

14 May 2015

The Singapore Business Federation and Paia Consulting invite you to a briefing for the new Singapore Sustainability Label on Thursday 14th May at 10:30AM at the Singapore Business Federation. Launched in April 2015, the Sustainability Label enables organisations to benchmark their sustainability business practices. At the briefing, we will explain the initiative including the application process and the judging criteria. You will have the opportunity to ask any question you might have regarding the label. Kindly register if you would like to attend.

Materiality Matters

28 May 2015

Given the importance of materiality to sustainability and reporting, Paia will be running a 1 day workshop focusing on current best practices in materiality assessment, both locally and internationally. This workshop is organised by Singapore Compact, Singapore Business Federation and the Sustainable Development Business Group. This course is supported by ACCA, Singapore Environment Institute (SEI) and the National Environment Agency.

Singapore Compact CSR Summit

25 – 26 August 2015

Singapore Compact will be hosting their annual CSR Summit in August.  This year’s Summit focuses on “Evaluating and Evolving CSR: Creating Value for a Sustainable Future”.

We Have A New Logo

For the last 13 years, Paia Consulting has worked with companies throughout Southeast Asia to implement sustainable business strategies. We felt it was time to update our logo.

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