Paia’s Senior Consultant, Mehrunisa Zafar interviewed by CNA on Sustainable Living


Paia’s Senior Consultant, Mehrunisa Zafar was interviewed by CNA Singapore Tonight on Thursday, 7th January 2016 in a segment about Sustainable Living. She spoke about how Singapore has done a fantastic job in providing a blue-green infrastructure for its people to be able to live environmentally responsible lives. She said that it takes time for the older infrastructure to be replaced by newer green infrastructure. It also takes time for the public to become more aware about environmental issues and for a paradigm shift to occur in the thinking of Singaporeans, to begin to own and care about the environment in which they live.

Mehrunisa commended on Singapore’s providing a great public transport system to its people, as well as the National Parks Board (NParks) achievement in the completion of 300 km of the Park Connector Network across the island to encourage the public to lead healthier lives. Greenery, she said is part of our backdrop as Singapore is truly a ‘City in a Garden’ and that part of Singapore’s consciousness is what makes its people own and care more about their space.