3 common hurdles of writing a Sustainability Report

3 common hurdles of writing a Sustainability Report

Complexity can be stressful for anyone so we completely understand what you’re facing when asked to put together a Sustainability Report for your organisation when you simply don’t know how and frankly don’t have the time. The hurdles you face are shared by many and we want to help by addressing these issues and suggest real ways in which you can overcome them.

Challenge #1: Lack of commitment from management towards allocating sufficient time, budget and training to do this task.

Define the ‘Why’ of why you’re putting this report together. Understand what sustainability is and why there is a need for reporting on it. Is it merely to comply with SGX Sustainability Reporting Guidelines or to meet investor needs? Do you need this information to respond to media enquiries? You can improve your company’s reputation by telling the sustainability story of your company. Does the board need to understand the impact of what your company does?

Be sure to define the ‘Why’ clearly. What will be the benefits of reporting? Once upper management is committed, it will pave the way for suitable budget and time allocation, as well as, ensure cooperation from both upper management and colleagues in sharing the metrics required to complete your report.

Challenge #2: Do not have the skills to write this report but need to. Are you concerned that you do not have the pre-requisite knowledge? 

Do you feel like you’ve been thrown in the deep end and you’re scared to mess it up? Our Sustainability Reporting Toolkit Package has been put together just for you by people who have extensive experience in writing sustainability reports and aims to simplify the process for new reporters. The package includes a Handbook which outlines the essential sections of a sustainability report, guiding you on what content to focus upon and where to obtain the relevant information. The package also includes Tools and Templates to help you build the data required to populate the report. This is complemented by a one day training course held within a small group setting allowing our experienced reporter to help you understand how to use the Tools and Templates provided to compile your company’s sustainability report.

Challenge #3: Availability and accuracy of data

Sustainability performance data is required to comply with SGX reporting requirements. Our experts provide pragmatic guidance of how to source the relevant data to do a report. Our Toolkit guides you, step by step through the data collection process so that companies can cost effectively establish a data collection system to go alongside financial data, as these reports are likely to require third party audit in the near future as stated in SGX’s reporting requirements. Hence putting in place a robust data collection system from the very beginning.


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