Anita Wreford


Anita Wreford

Anita Wreford has relevant research expertise in the following areas:

♣ Adaptation to climate change, particularly in the natural environment, agriculture and forestry sectors
♣ Economic appraisal of climate adaptation actions and decision-making under uncertainty
♣ Climate Smart Agriculture
♣ Adaptation planning and risk assessment
♣ Carbon balances across landuses
♣ Adoption of mitigation and adaptation practices in agriculture
♣ Trade policy analysis
♣ The impact of agricultural and trade policies on the environment

Relevant current and recent research projects

♣ MPI NZ: Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change Research (2017-2019):
Applied adaptation pathways: supporting robust regional decision-making;
Review of agricultural mitigation research in NZ;
Review of adaptation research in NZ;
Review of climate change research on forestry in NZ;
♣ Deep South National Science Challenge: Robust adaptation decision-making under Uncertainty (2017 – 2019)
♣ Fonerwa Rwanda: Climate Mainstreaming in the Coffee and Tea Sector in Rwanda (2015-2016)
♣ Fonerwa Rwanda: Climate Risk Assessment for Agriculture (2017)
♣ OECD: A review of barriers to the adoption of climate-friendly agriculture (2016)
♣ European Commission (DG Clima): EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change: Knowledge Assessments to Support Informed Decision Making. Ecosystem-based adaptation (2015-2016)
♣ European Commission FP7: AnimalChange: Economic appraisal of adaptation options for livestock in Europe (2011-2015)
♣ Adaptation Sub-Committee of Committee on Climate Change (UK): Research to assess preparedness of England’s natural resources for a changing climate: Part 2- assessing the type and level of adaptation action required to address climate risks in the ‘vulnerability hotspots’ (2012/2013)
♣ Scottish Government: Identification of climate impacts for Scottish agriculture, adaptation options and economic appraisal of options (2011 -2016)
♣ Defra: Climate change impacts on the livestock sector (AC0307) (2009)
♣ European Commission FP6: ADAM (Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies to Support Climate Policy) (2006-2009)
♣ FRST New Zealand: Lincoln Trade and Environment Model (LTEM): Updating to include Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture (2000 – 2004)

PhD, Lincoln University, New Zealand
MApplSc, Massey University, New Zealand
BApplSc, Massey University, New Zealand