Saskia Jung

Senior Consultant

Saskia Jung has a strong business focus on sustainability reporting, paired with a solid experience in strategy development and stakeholder engagement. She has worked in sustainability since 1999, with background from the corporate, NGO and government sector.

Saskia contributed to several award-winning GRI and integrated reports with a multi-national company. She has held various management positions in consultancy, smaller and major companies, national and international NGOs as well as a German government, recently serving as a knowledge partner of the Singapore Business Federation. Her range of experience also includes EHS data analysis and management, materiality assessment and industry-wide international projects such as carbon footprinting.

Saskia has managed successful projects in Asia, Europe, and North America, with participants from diverse cultural backgrounds. Her copywriting and editing skills are proven by more than 30 publications in Belgium, Canada, Germany and Singapore. She has working proficiency in English, French and German.

Education: German “Diplom” (Master’s equivalent) Arts of Administration, University of Konstanz, Environmental Management, DGQ.