Song Lin


Song Lin graduated from National University of Singapore’s Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) program in 2016. During his undergraduate years, Song Lin interned with Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) China program and spent months in Tibet scouting survey sites for the first systematic snow leopard population study in Changtang Nature Reserve. After a short stint as a research assistant at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, he joined the supply chain team of a medical tech MNC in 2017 while pursuing a Masters degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Ultimately, however, he did not find the work of a supply chain planner fulfilling enough, so in early 2020, answering the calling inside that never subsided, Song Lin joined Paia to become the newest member of our team.


  • MSc Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE), National University of Singapore
  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Honours), Environmental Biology specialization, National University of Singapore