There are many terms for ‘Sustainability’ – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Responsibility (CR), Corporate Citizenship or Environment, Society & Governance (ESG).

Whatever you decide to call it, there is an increasing recognition that environmental, social and governance issues must be effectively managed. How important an issue is, may differ between you and your competitors/peers, but fundamental sustainability performance indicators are generally agreed upon by  international principles and organisations.

The question you need to ask is: What is our organisation doing about them?

Recognising and responding to the more holistic approach to sustainability is where Paia delivers the greatest value to your organisation.

Paia addresses many angles of sustainability, helping firms move towards being more sustainable by working with them to understand what sustainability means to the individual organisation, how to embed it within the organisation, helping engage stakeholders and publicly report on CSR performance.

Find out how we help Our Clients manage sustainability.