Haze and Sustainable Procurement

The haze has hit down hard on Singapore and is affecting us all this month. This has led to a rapid expansion in public awareness on the issue and a movement such as X The Haze towards only using sustainable paper and palm oil products.

Furthermore, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and the government are urging the public sector to strengthen green procurement. SEC has announced plans to send letters to more than 2,800 firms asking them to commit to buying only sustainable palm oil and pulp products.

Paia advises companies to review their procurement policies, in particular whether they have a requirement to use FSCTM certified paper and RSPO certified palm oil products. We recommend using paper products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSCTM), which is the leading global body promoting sustainable management of the world’s forests. RSPO refers to the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, which provides global standards for the entire supply chain on sustainable oil.
Our experienced and dedicated team at Paia can provide assistance with developing or improving your company’s sustainable procurement policies or environmental management systems.

There are several paper products on the market in Singapore which are from sustainable suppliers who have worked with NGO and certification bodies to ensure that their products are from sustainably managed forests and not involved in any burning or damaging of rainforests. Feel free to contact us info@paiaconsulting.com for details.

Have a clear conscience day!