Carbon Offsets and Credits Explained

Carbon Offsets and Credits, Explained

As companies and governments conceptualise their net-zero roadmaps, they will unavoidably continue to generate emissions in the short-term. To offset these emissions, companies have turned their attention to the promise of carbon offsets and carbon credits, weaving them into their wider decarbonisation strategies.So what are carbon offsets? What are carbon credits? And how do they work?
Carbon markets and climate policy - Opportunity in a decarbonising world

Carbon markets and climate policy – Turning Risk into opportunity in a decarbonising world

Climate policymakers are ramping up carbon regulations, carbon credits are gaining attention, and carbon markets are expanding. What does this mean for agribusiness and forestry in Southeast Asia, and how can we turn current risks into future opportunities?
Financing a Green and Inclusive Recovery

Financing a Green and Inclusive Recovery

Uncertainty has arisen from COVID-19 and climate risks, but governments and corporations alike are committed to building back better sustainably and resiliently. Sustainable finance will underpin our recovery through investments in technology, innovation, and research for climate and sustainability solutions.
Harnessing natures innate power to address the climate crisis

Earth Day special – Harnessing nature’s innate power to address the climate crisis

Nature-based solutions can provide up to 37% of the cost-effective carbon dioxide mitigation needed through 2030 to prevent average global temperatures from rising more than 2 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels
President Biden signs an executive order on the Paris climate agreement

What Biden Re-joining the Paris Agreement Means for Climate Action

On his first day on the job, newly inaugurated President Biden made many significant moves for the environment, including re-joining the Paris Agreement. What does this all mean for sustainability? Amongst other things, we see it as kickstarting the momentum and acceleration towards a low-carbon future.
How are Singaporean Companies Disclosing on the SDGs in 2020

How are Singaporean Companies Disclosing on the SDGs in 2020?

It has been 5 years since the SDGs were established. Paia’s research looks into how well are Singaporean companies doing in incorporating these goals into their company’s strategic sustainability initiatives as well as their day to day business.
Shining a light on Scope 3 emissionsViking Cold Solutions

Carbon Assessment – Shining a light on Scope 3 emissions

What are Scope 3 GHG emissions and how can companies begin to manage them? With many sources and a complex accounting process, Scope 3 emissions can be hard to manage. Yet, Paia is now seeing an increased emphasis on measuring emissions across the value chain, and we expect this to stay.
Sustainability and Decarbonisation in the Shipping Industry

Sustainability in the Shipping Industry – Road to Decarbonisation

As a leading maritime capital of the world, Singapore has a role to play to set standards and regulations for the industry, such as in pushing for greater alignment and transparency in emissions disclosures.