hygiene and impact factos sustainability reporting

Beyond basics: Hygiene & impact factors in sustainability reports

When the impacts of the pandemic first made waves through the global economy, many questioned if the momentum for sustainability will be put to a halt as societies and economies move into crisis survival mode and focus on rebuilding economies.
economic recovery or climate action

Economic Recovery or Climate Action? Why Not Both?

As the world reels from the COVID-19 crisis, how should economic recoveries look like? Should the old economic order be restored or should critical elements like ESG or Sustainability be incorporated in recovery strategies?

Gender responsible procurement

Gender responsive procurement is now gaining traction, and many see the benefit in enabling purchase of gender-sensitive goods and services and supporting women-owned businesses.

GRI Standards 2020 update: Waste

The revised GRI Waste standard was released in May 2020. Find out out the key changes in our latest article.

A Bright Solar PV Prospect for Singapore

The Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) hosted a recent webinar on the solar photovoltaic (PV) roadmap of Singapore.
tcfd demystified Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

TCFD Demystified

Many policymakers are considering integrating TCFD recommendations into national reporting frameworks.
AirCarbon – A New Carbon Trading Frontier

AirCarbon – A New Carbon Trading Frontier

Carbon trading is premised on the cap-and-trade concept, where only a certain amount of carbon dioxide emissions is allowed for the region or industry.

The Link between Corruption and Human Rights

Corruption hinders effective discharge of human rights obligations diverting resources needed for safe and humane working conditions and preventing the right to fair trial.