Our Services

We specialise in helping companies assess ESG risks and opportunities and implement sustainable solutions to maximise long term value creation.

If you’re on this page, you’ll be wanting to know about the sustainability impacts that matter to you, and your stakeholders. You will want to measure impacts and improve business sustainability performance. You would want to know the effect of all this on your business value. Your investors would too.

Climate Change & Carbon

We help companies better understand, manage and report their climate risks and carbon emissions. From understanding what  impacts climate change will have on your business, to calculating your carbon footprint so it is aligned with international standards, to reporting this information to SGX, GRI or CDP, we can help.

Environmental Management

Our services include supporting companies in developing policies and practices to drive performance improvements, such as meeting energy reduction targets, reducing waste, increasing recycling and improving water efficiency.

ESG Finance

Our services in sustainable finance combine our experience in financial markets with our strong track record in corporate sustainability to help you realise the best return on your investments or to attract investors such as pension, sovereign wealth or mutual funds to your offering.


We are the exclusive training partner for GRESB in Asia (ex-Japan) since 2016. We help companies across the region with their GRESB submissions and we provide in-house training. Whether you are reporting to GRESB for the first time, or have been reporting for many years and want to improve your performance, we can help.

Knowledge Partner

You may want an institutional level or in-house Knowledge Partner. Let us take you on your ‘sustainability journey’, via in-company workshops on materiality, governance, stakeholder engagement. Or let us support your institution in your organisational campaigns and growth.


This is the heart of effective sustainability management in business. And it does more than merely pop out a list of “priority issues”. For an efficient response to sustainability, our materiality assessment provides the focus on relevant issues.


Our sustainability reporting experience will help you plan your report, align it with GRI or other frameworks, complete a materiality assessment, collect data, write it and design it.

Risk & Resilience

Risk and resilience management includes identifying and assessing potentially disruptive events and changing conditions, planning for risks and opportunities posed by these long-term trends, and mitigating and/or adapting from the impacts of these stressors and shocks in an efficient manner.

Science Based Targets

Science-based targets outline what a company needs to do to reduce its emissions in order to limit global warming to well-below 2 degrees (the danger level identified by climate science). We help companies set their reduction targets aligned with recognized good practice including the ‘Science-based Targets’ initiative.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (known as the ‘SDGs’) aim to address global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change and prosperity by 2030. We help private and public sector entities identify how they can contribute to the SDG’s, as well as enhance business and organisational value from activities and reporting.


Let’s develop your Strategic Approach together, work out what material issues matter most and plan action to embed a response to them into business operations.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Due to the increasing competition and dynamic nature of businesses, social and environmental threats along the supply chain can lead to disruptions impacting both businesses and the environment.

Sustainability Assurance

Assurance increases trust of stakeholders in sustainability reporting. Our assurance process is based on the two most established frameworks adopted in sustainability assurance: AA1000AS and ISAE 3000.


The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures is a voluntary initiative supporting companies to disclose information to investors and other stakeholders on the financial risks (and opportunities) arising from climate change. If you are interested in understanding how climate change will impact your business, or if you have been asked by investors to look at the TCFD recommendations, we can help.


Join our Training courses to learn principles and practices of business sustainability management. Courses cover materiality, reporting, SME reporting focus, and assurance.

Waste & Circular Economy

Waste is an increasingly significant business risk for many companies. Companies are being asked to externally disclose their waste data, and explain what they are doing to manage and reduce waste. Effective materials and waste management has allowed companies to uncover business opportunities through cost reductions and even a change in business model.