Sustainability Assurance

One of the key benefits of sustainability reporting is to increase trust in stakeholders. Sustainability assurance strengthens this benefit, providing greater confidence to the board of directors, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders on the credibility of the information. Our assurance process is based on the two most established frameworks adopted in sustainability assurance: AA1000AS and ISAE 3000.

We offer:

  • pre-assurance services, to familiarise the organisation on the sustainability assurance frameworks
  • full internal and external assurance services

Key benefits of sustainability assurance:

  • It provides a platform to align an organisation’s non-financial aspects of sustainability with its financial information. This helps to identify interlinkages and opportunities for greater performance and future growth. (Applies to AA1000AS & ISAE 3000)
  • It provides a comprehensive way to demonstrate an organisation’s accountability to its customers, partners and other stakeholders. An organisation benefits from this by creating an atmosphere of transparency and responsiblity in operating its business. (Applies to AA1000AS and ISAE 3000)
  • It provides a means to bring together and put in context various standards, schemes and management systems focusing on specific areas of sustainability. This helps organisations maintain a holistic and integrated picture of its operations and governance mechanisms. (Applies to AA1000AS)

AA1000AS and ISAE3000 are complementary standards designed to meet different objectives. The key difference between AA1000AS and ISAE3000 is that the former was specifically designed to assure the quality of an organisation’s sustainability reporting and performance, while the letter is a generic standard for any assurance engagement other than audits or reviews of historic financial information.

Whichever you choose, we offer your organisation high quality and timely service in achieving your goals.

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