Nature and Biodiversity for Corporates

Course Dates

Nature and Biodiversity for Corporates

23 July 2024, Tuesday, 9:00am-1:00pm, $460 excluding GST

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About the Course

All businesses  depend on nature – either directly or indirectly –  for long-term growth and performance. Managing nature risks and impacts is crucial to an organisation’s resilience, access to capital funding, and social license to operate. It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to understand, assess, and properly manage the potential or actual impacts of its operations on the nature and biodiversity that it depends on.

The corporate reporting and regulatory landscape are undergoing significant changes, ushering in a new era of nature-related corporate disclosures. There is also increasing concern and expectations from consumers and investors on how nature and biodiversity-related impacts are being adequately addressed, via the organisation’s sustainability strategies and efforts.

Are you aware of your organisation’s dependencies on nature and its related ecosystem services? Have you started to implement strategies to reduce your impact on nature, and support the global movement to a nature positive world? Are you ready to identify, assess and manage the associated risks and opportunities related to nature?

This course is designed to help businesses start looking at nature as a key material issue, preparing for nature-related corporate disclosure, and implementing key sustainability strategies with efforts to contribute towards nature-positive outcomes. The course will cover the headwinds and upcoming regulatory landscape relating to nature and biodiversity disclosure reporting, including the Taskforce of Nature-based Financial Disclosures (TNFD) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 101: Biodiversity. It will also cover the foundations to establishing a corporate nature strategy for your organisation, including the basics of the Science-Based Targets Network (SBTN).

Key Objectives

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Gain familiarity on the fundamentals and key concepts of nature
  • Understand why it is important for corporates to consider nature and biodiversity
  • Navigate the nature-related regulatory and industry landscape
  • Explore upcoming nature-related regulatory and reporting frameworks – what are the frameworks available, and which one to use? Covering Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 101 Biodiversity Standards and Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosure (TNFD) requirements in reporting, including disclosure expectations
  • Understand how to identify nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks and opportunities
  • Gain familiarity with developing a corporate biodiversity strategy and setting targets using tools and guidance such as the Science-Based Targets Network (SBTN)

Who should Attend

  • Companies or organisations who are seeking to learning about nature as an asset and its liabilities (i.e. dependencies, impact, risks and opportunities)
  • Companies or organisations operating/financing in nature-dependent sectors (such as agricultural, maritime, financial institutions, etc)
  • Companies or organisations looking to learn about nature strategy, nature disclosure landscape

Course Format

The workshop runs as a half day course.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance