GRESB 2021 Real Estate Training

Tuesday, April 27, 2021, Singapore
Conducted by Paia, GRESB Training Partner

About the Course

In-person GRESB Real Estate Assessment training

Paia will be running an in-person GRESB Real Estate Assessment training in Singapore, which online participants can also join. Similar to GRESB’s online training, the in-person training is designed to support participants reporting to the 2021 Real Estate Assessment. It also provides participants the opportunity to learn from peers. It is suitable for new participants reporting to the GRESB Real Estate Assessment and for existing participants who would like a refresher on the reporting process.

The GRESB Real Estate Assessment Training is divided into two sessions – Introductory and Advanced – to reflect the level of experience with GRESB. There will be minimal overlaps of information in the 2 sessions. Participants are also assumed to not have attended GRESB’s online training.

For participants looking to understand the changes from 2020 Real Estate Assessment: GRESB did not make any changes to the Real Estate Assessment in 2021 that would affect scoring, in order to provide stability in year-on-year reporting. There are new indicators on TCFD and Resilience, but will not be scored in 2021.

Training Details (In-person and Online)

Date: Tuesday, 27th April 2021

Venue: Singapore

Introduction session (9am – 12.30pm) Advanced session (1.30pm – 5pm)
Introductory Training covers the “what” and “how to” of the GRESB Real Estate Assessment.  The session presents the Assessment’s scope, processes and scoring components, addressing the Assessment topics at a high level.

Learning Objectives:

  • GRESB mission and principles
  • Timeline and assessment structure
  • Navigating the Assessment Portal
  • How to report correctly
  • High-level issues covered by Indicators
  • GRESB outputs and results
Advanced Training tackles complex reporting and scoring components of the Assessment including performance indicators, through hands-on case studies and exercises.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to report on more advanced and complex issues, e.g. Performance Indicators
  • Understanding benchmarking and scoring
  • Validation process
  •  New TCFD-aligned indicators from the Resilience Module
Who Should Attend:

  • 1st yr or potential participants
  • New partners
Who Should Attend:

  • 1st yr participants
  • Experienced Participants (1+ yrs) who would like a recap
  • Data partners
Fees (SGD)
Session Time Attending In-Person Attending Online
Introduction only Morning:
9am – 12.30pm
700 550
Advanced only Afternoon:
1.30 – 5pm
700 550
For each additional person from the same organisation
500 450
Introduction + Advanced 9am – 5pm 1200 1000
For each additional person from the same organisation
900 800

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