GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards – Breakfast Briefing

Is your company a GRI reporter? Or is your company starting out on its sustainability reporting journey? Either way, you should be aware that the Global Reporting Initiative has updated its G4 guideline to the “Sustainability Reporting Standard” (SRS) in October 2016, to what will become the leading Sustainability Reporting Standard globally. The new ‘Standards’ will replace GRI’s G4 reporting guidelines with a transition deadline of 30th June 2018.

We invite you to join Paia’s Breakfast Briefing with time for refreshments and networking). You will be guided through the benefits of reporting with the new Standards, and introduced to their structure and content, highlighting the changes from the G4 Guidelines. Registration is now open; admission is free so book early to secure your place. Priority will be given to companies who have been GRI reporters already, or who are about to start their sustainability reporting.

Our next round of Sustainability Reporting training will be based on the new standards and will provide clear steps for reporters on how to produce a report in accordance with them. All our briefing and training sessions are aligned to SGX’s sustainability reporting requirements, too. Spaces for this training are still available and registration can be found here.

The GRI Standards update can be further explored in depth on GRI’s website. The changes will be a welcome sight for both new and previous reporters, with a simplified ‘modular’ structure, and numerous clarifications on some of GRI’s most notorious terminology, but also some changes in content you should be aware of, e.g. on the reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

We look forward to meeting you.