Introduction to Integrated Reporting

Thursday, July 26, 2018 | 9am -1pm | $250

Integrated Reporting  – the latest development in corporate reporting that promises to improve disclosure, while “enhancing the way organisations think, plan and report”.
An exciting buzzword. A gamechanger. Companies, investors and even the public sector globally have professed benefits.
But how is it actually done?

Integrated Reporting – Why, What, Who?

Integrated Reporting is founded on the premise: Reporting drives behaviour.

Why? Integrated Reporting aims to drive long-term thinking. Investors, notably pension funds challenged with a long investment horizon, are increasingly concerned about companies preoccupied with squeezing out short-term profits at the expense of long-term returns.

What? An integrated report should concisely tell the story of how a company creates value over the short, medium and long term. This is only possible as a reflection of integrated thinking – integrated across functions, time horizons and capitals.

Who? The governance and working groups of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) reflects a joining of sustainability and accountancy gurus. These communities had developed reporting strands independently, resulting in disjointed development of sustainability and business strategies and/or unnecessary overlaps in annual and sustainability reports.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the half-day intensive training, you will:

• Appreciate Integrated Reporting’s role and its benefits in the evolution of corporate reporting, globally and in the Singapore context

• Understand the link between integrated thinking and Integrated Reporting

• Understand International  Framework: Fundamental Concepts, 7 Guiding Principles & 8 Content Elements

• Review case study examples

Who Should Attend

• You want to improve your organisation’s corporate reporting. You may be in Investor Relations, Corporate Relations, or Public Affairs.

• You want to take sustainability reporting and strategy to the next level. You may be in any function – sustainability cuts across departments.

• You want to understand how Integrated Reporting can drive internal performance. You may be in Finance, Performance Management, Operations, Strategy, or Human Resources developing a Balanced Scorecard.

About the Trainer

Wong Dan Chi

Wong Dan Chi

Dan Chi is an accountant by training and developed her interest in sustainability after she was trained at the United Nations University (UNU) by leading practitioners and academics.

Besides developing external and internal capacity on Integrated Reporting , she has been involved in projects, including developing an IR roadmap, developing report structure and content based on International Framework.

Dan Chi is regularly invited to speak at events such as at the UN Global Compact Network Singapore AGM, ACCA Financial and Accounting Technical Conference, and Master of Science in CFO Leadership programme at SMU. In 2012, Dan Chi co-authored and presented a paper on Integrated Reporting at a regional Global Reporting Initiative conference.