Sustainability Reporting Course

Course Dates

About the Course

Sustainability reporting is a listing requirement on many stock exchanges, and increasingly becoming a standard expectation. In order to produce a sustainability report, companies should use sustainability reporting frameworks to guide the communication of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance to investors, customers, business partners & regulators.

Paia has been involved in over 200 sustainability reports and has successfully trained over 2,000 participants in sustainability reporting, many of whom have recommended colleagues for our subsequent runs. We help simplify the process, guiding you through the key requirements step-by-step, and giving practical examples of how to overcome potential hurdles. By the end of the course, you will have a clear understanding of what is required and how to go about producing a report in line with an international sustainability reporting framework and the SGX guidelines.

During the course we share case study examples, both local and global, and provide guidance on how to implement the guidelines in practice. Our training is based on our depth of hands-on expertise in producing award-winning sustainability reports.

The course is relevant to companies that are considering reporting, either within the Annual Report, as a separate standalone Sustainability Report.

Key Objectives

By the end of the course, participants should be confident about preparing a best practice sustainability report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

  • Introduction to Sustainability & Reporting.
  • Gain familiarity with SGX sustainability reporting guidelines
  • Understanding reporting frameworks – what are the frameworks available, and which one to use? Covering GRI Standards, SASB Standards, and the Integrated Reporting Framework.
  • Understanding the reporting process – steps to prepare a sustainability report.
  • Materiality and stakeholder engagement
  • Applying the GRI Standards in reporting
    • Disclosures expected of all GRI Standards reporters
    • Environmental, social and governance performance metrics
  • Planning a report – practical steps to take away
  • Understanding the characteristics of a good report

Who should attend?

Those who are new to the sustainability reporting process, particularly the GRI Standards, or reporters who may need some extra guidance in their journey. It can often be of benefit to have more than one person from the same organisation attend the workshop, as sustainability reporting is multi-disciplinary and cross-functional in nature, and it helps to have more than one person with GRI knowledge as support. Our participants come from a broad spectrum of functions in the organisation.

Which organisations and sectors should attend?

All organisations should consider preparing a sustainability report. Reporting promotes the refining of business processes and improves communication to stakeholders. Participants span the financial, engineering, transport/logistics, property development, utilities, paper products, government, consultants, IT, education and more.


“A very good course not only for people interested in sustainability reporting but also sustainability itself.”

“It was clear and in-depth, well-paced and the trainer was very knowledgeable on the topic.”

“All the topics covered. Pace of training was good and trainer provided clear explanations on the subject.”

“I have zero prior knowledge on how to go about doing the report even though I have read through past reports. However, Paia was very approachable throughout and I was able to raise my questions comfortably. Thank you.”

“The course was practical. Not only does it explain the theory of GRI but it also empowers students to practice what is learnt.”

Course format

The workshop runs as a full day course or two half-day sessions.
Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Paia’s training is delivered by individuals who have unparalleled depth of hands-on expertise in sustainability reporting locally.

Paia Consulting is delighted to receive the ISAR Honour Certificate in November 2019, which recognizes our efforts in the area of sustainability and SDG reporting.