Supply Chain & Sustainable Procurement

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 | 9am-5pm | $450

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What Previous Participants Said

“Very Comprehensive. Its alot to cover within a day but Paia has managed to cover the topics that are key & critical.”

About the Course

A reliable supply chain is central to the performance and long-term growth of any business. However, involving procurement or supply chain management in strategy development is not a standard practice everywhere.

There is a growing expectation for organisations to manage the sustainability impacts from their value chains including answer questions on how and where their products and materials are sourced from, their approach on engaging suppliers on sustainability initiatives and their efforts on reducing the environmental and social impacts arising from their value chain. In response, organisations are asking their suppliers about safety certifications, labour data or environmental performance. They are adopting several codes and standards to monitor and manage their suppliers, as well as their procurement operations. Many companies are also looking to embed sustainable procurement as part of their KPIs and targets.

For companies that are reporting on sustainability, the SGX guidelines require organisations to disclose information about parts of their businesses that are outsourced to third parties (for example, freight and logistics), as well as on downstream impacts. GRI has made supply chain management a key element in its requirements.

With increasing pressures from stakeholders, many companies struggle with managing their organisation’s supply chain and the KPIs around sustainable procurement, and meeting the requirements of their stakeholders. Have you started to implement sustainable supply chain strategy for your company, but realised that you cannot solve all challenges on your own? Are you ready to reach out to your contractors, suppliers, business partners in order to advance your sustainability performance?

This training will guide you on managing your supply chain more responsibly and establishing internal controls to procure sustainably. You will learn about business drivers, stakeholder expectations, tools and approaches in a hands-on way, how to integrate sustainable purchasing policies into your business strategy combined with sharing of best practice in effective supply chain sustainability.

Key Objectives

Takeaways of the course include how to:

  • How to fulfill the SGX and GRI Supply Chain sustainability reporting requirements
  • Sustainable supply chain management business drivers, tools & approaches
  • Best practices in effective supply chain sustainability
  • How to develop guidelines on sustainable procurement
  • Building a successful supply chain sustainability strategy
  • How to conduct a supplier risk assessment

Who Should Attend

  • Companies looking to improve upon their Sustainability Report
  • Companies seeking to enhance their Sustainability Approach
  • Experts in Sustainability, Procurement, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Departments, Corporate Communication, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Responsibility, Investor Relations & External Affairs
  • Procurement professionals looking to incorporate sustainability considerations during their procurement practice
  • Operations professionals looking to assess supplier sustainability risks

Course Format

The workshop runs from 9am till 5pm. Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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