Knowledge Building Series – Water Risk Course

Paia’s Knowledge Building Series are courses that focus on some of the high-risk topics identified by the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2017. The WEF Report identifies a cluster of interconnected environment-related risks – including extreme weather events, climate change and water crises, which have consistently featured among the top-ranked global risks for the past seven editions of The Global Risks Report. This course focuses on Water Risk, and how it can affect your organisation. From a reporting point of view, this course will focus on how organisations can manage water usage, track data points and reduce the water impacts of their business operations.

Data that is tracked over time helps organisations recognise internally the potential disruptions these risks pose to their overall business continuity. This course will help you manage your organisation’s water footprint across their operations.

Aim – messaging:

  • Water is important, investors identified it as a risk
  • Tools are available, .e.g CDP questions
  • Water scarcity – physical & economic